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Better Grades. Same Effort.

Focus your limited studying time where it matters the most

Reverse Grade Calculation

Determine the required minimum score for your next assignment or test to achieve a target overall grade

What If? Analysis

Determine the impact on your overall grade from a hypothetical result or range of results on an upcoming test

Unsurpassed Graphical Analysis

Graph and examine historical fluctuations in your grades

Optimize Your Grades

Gain a superior understanding of how your scores impact your grade in every subject


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Flexible
  • Customizable features
  • Limited data entry

Why Use Grade Analysis Software?

Eliminate Surprises

Most schools now use grading methods that include a variety of category weighting methodologies, making it difficult to forecast the impact a single test score will have on the overall grade for a class.

Gradezilla puts you back in control - never be surprised again when a single score changes your letter grade. See your current grades in never-before-seen detail.

Maximize your study time

When study time is limited, it is important to spend it where it will make the most difference in your overall grades. This requires you to have an understanding of the range of likely results of your effort in multiple subjects.

Using a tool with a robust set of features (like reverse grade calculation and what-if analysis) will help you identify and manage the critical areas to spend your study time.